Sunday, September 11, 2011

under dancing petals

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago for my blog, but never had the time to publish it... it is probably the longest poem on my blog, so please bear with me.
oh, and one more thing as of this month, my blog is officially one year old :)

the sun bathed us
with flaming spears
as we stood soaked
in the knee high lake,

trees swayed joyously
clouds gathered air
crystal water blushed
as i held you in my arms.

but, you left my side
under cloak of darkness,
clouds fervently wept
heavens split and showed
your footprints in the mud,

now i sit in the dark
on the battered floor
where we once danced,
as the cold wind
stabs my tearful heart,

lake now a crystal
devoid of sparkle,
the sun hides itself
behind grey hair,
pearls nesting my love
turn to diamonds

as white petals tango
their way to cold earth
i see a shadow
tear through the mist,

you make your way
into my warm embrace
eyes melt, yours and mine,
my hands interlock
never to let go again,

i love the snow
for it returned
my warmth.