Sunday, November 28, 2010

Between You and Me (Arslan Poetry Blog)

Between You and Me Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

If beauty is a shining star,
Then you are its light,
Which shines bright,
In my dark night,

You make my day,
You brighten my night,
You are the sunshine,
Making my world bright,

You make my world green,
When you are close to me,
The most elegant being,
Was our meeting meant to be?,

I think yes, because time froze,
When I set my eyes upon thee,
That meeting, God surely chose,
Between you and me...,

Small Explanation-   In this poem "Between You and Me" I try to enumerate the feelings of a person towards his/her most beloved person. He/She state all the positive things which have been brought to his/her life by their meeting. 

The first two lines were picked from the poem My Shining Star written by yours truly(Arslan).
P.S - I could not find a suitable picture so I went with a animated photo.

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Between You and Me Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Little Box (Arslan Poetry Blog)

Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

A small box of secrets,
You are future's light,
Dim right now,
But tomorrow bright,

I gaze at you and ponder,
Untold many things you hold,
What will you become,
Smart, coward, or bold,

How fascinating you are,
Brought by my lady,
Beautiful like her,
You are my baby,

Small Explanation- In this poem, I try to describe the emotion, feelings, and thoughts a father goes through holding his new born for the first time in his arms. The Father wishes for his new born to grow and become a bright light(tomorrow bright).

P.S by "I" I do not mean me(ARSLAN)....

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Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Paper

Final Paper Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

It has come, Judgement Day,
I, like all, get up, and prepare,
There is no running away,

Pen and Pencil in hand,
I go to my exam class,
To make my final stand,

I see faces happy and sad,
Final paper, in my hand,
I think, an omen good or bad,

Like gas, tension in the air,
It all could violently blow,
With just a flare,

Sweat trickling down my face,
I think, "Will I get It!?",
The grade that I chase,

I shall do my best,
Because, I'm a fighter,
I leave on God the rest,

That in mind, the test, I take,
I promise myself that my,
Determination shall not shake,

Small Explanation- This Poem "Final Paper" describes the emotion a student goes through, on the day of his Final Exam(He/She considers the day's severity with Judgement Day). The state of turmoil his mind is in is described in this poem, along with some other elements, I Hope you enjoyed this poem,

Thank You.

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Final Paper Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Alone...

Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Shadows in the dark,
Presence just as stark,

Like Needle in a hay stack,
Stormy night, Broken Shack,

A lavish bar,of a hotel,
Sits a drink-less bottle,

Sits a lonely black jack,
In a faceless card stack,

Friendship is a lone ship to me,
A drowning ship in the open sea,

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Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smokers Nostalgia

Smoker's Nostalgia Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Picked up this little thing
At youth's time of spring

Unaware of a consequential life
Like a heart at the tip of a knife

With each pack it went deeper
Bringing The Bridge ever so closer

To take me from life to death
Invited it with every breath

At its center, I now stand
In front lies a dark land

Perplexed I see a flash back
Picture film white and black

A picture film full of smoke
Clouded more with every stroke

Smoke not of tragedy or distress
But, from a pack of cigarettes

With every inhale and each light
Chest struggled a losing fight

Earned wealth turned to ash
To update the cigarette stash

It was a secret a clandestine hobby
No longer Parents in the hospital lobby

Saddening, this picture film of smoke
Reform myself, I shall, if only I woke.

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Smoker's Nostalgia Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Shining Star

My Shining Star Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Relentlessly, my heart beats fast,
Is it a phobia?,
This feeling, I get gazing upon you,
No, its euphoria,

Forever, I want it to last,
This experience, so bright,
If beauty is a shining star,
Then, you are its light,

My life's darkness, you illuminate,
With just a smile,
Gazing, how long has it been?,
I believe, quite a while,

No longer can I wait,
for you, to be mine,
No one comes close,
To your unrivaled shine,

From you, all that I covet,
One, single, look,
To read my emotions,
I am an open book,

Keep you happy, I shall, everlastingly, you bet,
Forever and ever,
Please be my shining star, in this dark sky,
Forever and ever,

My Shining Star Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

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