Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Don't loosen my grip
on this sweet fiction
dont give reality's sip
to break this addiction

Let me float in wind
fly in deep thoughts
dont let this end
after all battles I fought

I deserve this sleep
after today's plight
let me sink in deep
fight me another night

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final Year

This poem is in response to a request made by a NUST friend of mine...

This here is a poem with rhyme
telling you of the NUST time,
with friends who became family
and will remain always with me
in my heart and thoughts
along with all the lessons taught
at NUST,

It’s not just a university of brick and stone
where people come and go alone,
it’s a clan of diverse cultures and personalities
whose life, adventures and memories
are etched on the very roads and buildings
they saw in the making
when they first set foot,

My time here was the same
met many people once I came,
Hostel, Campus, Seminar halls, and Play Grounds
joy had no time, place, and bounds
except nine to five in the classroom
where we dreaded our possible doom,
but survived,

Teachers, lab assistants, friends new and old
everyone dear to heart I hold,
but there is a start and end for every journey
and the beginning of the end came for me
when we all stood together for batch photograph,
I hope for less tears and more laughs
Once we depart and have only
memories and pictures to look back at.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

awaited prize

Once again a poem from my collection of 6 months ago, I hope you enjoy the read :)

The yellow Star
as its spotlight
water dances
a fervent tango,

he battles
piercing through its pace
he waits, and waits more

at a corner by the current
like a tiger for his prey
ever ready,

drumming of the waves
penetrate his eardrums,
music at a distance
people dance to it
a celebration
he is not bothered,

sun-rays reflect
a magma ball
he doesn't flinch,

at the slightest nibble
he pulls with might
and sees the salsa
of the fish.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

under dancing petals

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago for my blog, but never had the time to publish it... it is probably the longest poem on my blog, so please bear with me.
oh, and one more thing as of this month, my blog is officially one year old :)

the sun bathed us
with flaming spears
as we stood soaked
in the knee high lake,

trees swayed joyously
clouds gathered air
crystal water blushed
as i held you in my arms.

but, you left my side
under cloak of darkness,
clouds fervently wept
heavens split and showed
your footprints in the mud,

now i sit in the dark
on the battered floor
where we once danced,
as the cold wind
stabs my tearful heart,

lake now a crystal
devoid of sparkle,
the sun hides itself
behind grey hair,
pearls nesting my love
turn to diamonds

as white petals tango
their way to cold earth
i see a shadow
tear through the mist,

you make your way
into my warm embrace
eyes melt, yours and mine,
my hands interlock
never to let go again,

i love the snow
for it returned
my warmth.