My Gfx Crew

My Gfx(Graphics) Crew

InsaneIsaac(Isaac Nandgavkar)

I met Isaac on a forum. He is my top graphics creator. All the images you see(most of them) in my blog posts are made by him. He's a nice guy, who has a passion for his work, and possesses excellent skills in the field of graphics.

If you want professional graphics related, or website designing work done you can contact him by clicking here.

Below are some his art, he is a master in animated as well as other forms or art.



Knight of the round table

Chocolate frog

Sam(Prateek Roopra)

I met Sam on a forum too, he is a talented graphics master, and possesses great zeal for all of his work and creations. He is the second addition to "My Gfx Crew" 

If  you want to contact him then click here.

Below is some of his art

Around Silence


Gfx Arena

I am lost

Techno blow

If you want to get your name and link on this page and work as a member of my graphics crew then contact me at .

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