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Hi everyone, I'm Arslan, and I am a College student. My interests include (first and foremost) poetry, novels, sports(namely squash and table tennis), and my focus in life at the moment are my studies.

My relation with poetry started when I was a mere high schooler, at the time my poetry was focused more on the topics related to "The World", in particular my own country. I would write about how the world is, how it should be, whats wrong and whats right, how to make it a better place, and where does it all lead to. Another favorite topic topic of mine was "Man". Same were my questions for "Man" as they were for "The World". Quite depressing poetry, you must be thinking, and you are right, yet occasionally I would come up with topics with a much "Happier" tone. Some poems would be witty, while others would talk about a much more serious matter. You are probably wondering where are all those poems, well unfortunately they got lost with the passage of time, now that is a thing of the past.

What I now focus on is the present and the future, and to protect the present and the future of my poetry I created this blog called, "Arslan Poetry Blog". This blog was created as a tool for backing up all my poetic works, and as a tool to show all my poetic works to the world. I am not claiming to be a paragon of poetry, but I hope you will enjoy your time on "Arslan Poetry Blog".

To read my poems click on Arslan Poetry Blog.


  1. Hello Arslan didn't know if you had a Twitter account or not but I Tweeted everyone who I added to my blog roll. I added you and wanted to thank you for your visits to my blog as well as your support. I appreciate that and hope I can continue to be as supportive to you as you have to me:)

  2. Thank You for your kindness, and I really enjoy your poetry :)

  3. No doubt, man! you're a gifted poet.

    I have been very happy gliding over your blog, following the wonderful poetic whims you show in your work.

    It is an enjoyable work and the span of subjects you develop in here is enough to satisfy any demanding reader!

    One small thing I want to bring to your attention: I do not know if you have done it on purpose or what but in your profile you wrote:
    I am not a paragon of poetry nor a 'doyenne' of speech. If you're a man, then doyenne is not an adjective for you! Sorry to be so nosy!! :)

    I do love your poetry!
    And want to say thank you for your comment in my blog "Tony's blog"

    Odliam aka untony!

  4. Thank You untony for taking the time out to go through my blog... I really appreciate it :)

    Oh and thanks for the correction (to think it went unnoticed for such a long time lol)

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