Saturday, November 19, 2011

awaited prize

Once again a poem from my collection of 6 months ago, I hope you enjoy the read :)

The yellow Star
as its spotlight
water dances
a fervent tango,

he battles
piercing through its pace
he waits, and waits more

at a corner by the current
like a tiger for his prey
ever ready,

drumming of the waves
penetrate his eardrums,
music at a distance
people dance to it
a celebration
he is not bothered,

sun-rays reflect
a magma ball
he doesn't flinch,

at the slightest nibble
he pulls with might
and sees the salsa
of the fish.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

under dancing petals

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago for my blog, but never had the time to publish it... it is probably the longest poem on my blog, so please bear with me.
oh, and one more thing as of this month, my blog is officially one year old :)

the sun bathed us
with flaming spears
as we stood soaked
in the knee high lake,

trees swayed joyously
clouds gathered air
crystal water blushed
as i held you in my arms.

but, you left my side
under cloak of darkness,
clouds fervently wept
heavens split and showed
your footprints in the mud,

now i sit in the dark
on the battered floor
where we once danced,
as the cold wind
stabs my tearful heart,

lake now a crystal
devoid of sparkle,
the sun hides itself
behind grey hair,
pearls nesting my love
turn to diamonds

as white petals tango
their way to cold earth
i see a shadow
tear through the mist,

you make your way
into my warm embrace
eyes melt, yours and mine,
my hands interlock
never to let go again,

i love the snow
for it returned
my warmth.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Only Sweetness...

Something I came up on a whim...

I wish to tear my heart out
and show to you
the consequence of love,

eyes grow crimson
ready to burst blood
retracing your steps

if only i could gather
these tears, and bottle
them up for you to drink,

but i cant, Thank God,
because you will find
only sweetness.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Hostel

A little poem from my days in the hostel during the sweltering month of May...

dead echoes of the night
still linger in empty halls,
my skin aflame under the fan
but mind in cool mountains
of Murree, where hand in hand
we heard our shouts fly back
as white petals danced down
on smiling faces,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art of Blood

the moon peeks shyly
as you unsheathe your pride,
Sakura* rains on you
as you cut through them
with your Katana*,

such a magnificent dance
of the sword you display,
it sings with each swing,
your twin tails sway
like after images of your weapon,

mountains hide
unable to bear the irony,
a beauty practicing
the art of blood
under the clear heavens.

*Sakura are cherry blossoms.
*Katana is a japanese style sword.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Materialistic Affair

I want the devotion
inside of me
to end this desire
and break me free
of these shackles
which bind me
in a trammel
of worldly lust,

I want my fidelity 
to end this avidity
eating the insides of me.
This I can no longer bare,
May God induce in me
the passion, strength and venture,
to break free
of this materialistic affair.

Friday, March 11, 2011

With My Paper Wings

kissing the heavens
with my paper wings
i wish to cut deep
into the heart and soul
with my ink talons,

the tale of the child
quivering under crystal bullets
and shedding his pearls
over the edifice, which
became his beloveds' grave,

if only these talons
could injure the death birds
of the 21st century,
if only his tears i could return,
return him as diamonds.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My first Published work...

Hi everyone!

Recently 5 poems of mine got accepted for publication....Yay!

One poem, by the name of "absinthe victim" has been published by Flutter Poetry Journal, the link is

The other 4 poems will be published soon( 2 in April, and 2 in June)...

Monday, February 21, 2011


glass torpedoes pierced my heart
as the crystal shrine of my love
kissed the cold earth

shards pinned my abode of hopes
you walked away stabbing
walls bled with sorrow,

I was static as my spirit burned
like ash my emotions flew
leaving behind a hollow shell.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time My Foe

Nothing can ruin
this moment
Between you and me
these passing seconds
stand a hindrance
to everlasting enjoyment,

this fourth dimension
of reality
is the wall
separating us
and eternal happiness,

I want to keep
holding your hand
but i know
these ticking clocks
keep us in trammel
a stranglehold,

we will wither
become dust
and be one
with the earth,

if only
we could live
in the fifth dimension
far away
from time's grasp...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Troubled Mind

My First Try at Free Verse...

The scent of dirt emanating
from the moistened land.
I stand in wait 
under drops of sorrow
hoping for an epiphany
to settle my doubts 
and clear my mind. 
Calm like the moistened land
on which I stand,
drenched in despair.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Itachi and Sasuke

First of all I would like to comment that the characters' names(Itachi and Sasuke) used in this poem are from the popular anime Naruto, and I do not own Naruto(neither whole nor part of it). This poem is purely fan made. A fan made tribute to Itachi and Sasuke.

Itachi and Sasuke

Sasuke, hate me detest me
once more you shall see
blood covered floor of your family,

Sasuke, resent me despise me more
you shall through darkness' door
like me
When I marched over that blood coated floor,

Sasuke, that blood was of our clan
What you best can
hide yourself or make a stand,

But not like this, you are weak
chances of winning are exceedingly bleak
stronger to achieve what you seek,

So do not show me those eyes till then,
the sea of hatred you must dive in
there you will find the power for your revenge,

and I shall have what within you lies
most cherished prize
scarlet sharingan eyes.

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