Friday, December 24, 2010

My Passion Squash

My Passion Squash

I stand facing the
Battle arena door,
The sound of fighting
Then the victory roar,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Despair...

In Despair

I watch the world in despair,
Nothing good being done,
Chaos stopped by no one,
To bring the light out of darkness,

I watch the world in despair,
Rivers of blood flow,
Nowhere peaceful to go,
To break free of this hopelessness,

I watch the world in despair,
Explosions occur left and right,
Innocents struggle, a losing fight,
To change this state of distress,

I watch the world in despair,
As people kill their own,
They prefer staying alone,
Submerged in selfish happiness,

I watch the world in despair,
The sinless are imprisoned,
People of color shunned,
To live a life of sadness,

I watch the world in despair,
Waiting for change in state,
Let it be, before its too late,
To pull us out of this abyss,

I watch the world in despair... ,

Small Explanation - "In Despair" describes the emotion of a person torn apart by worrying for the world. In this world there are many nations, and each have their own problems, some places people of color are shunned(out-casted), while in other places mass murders occur, and if problems of large scale were not enough, the person also worries about the general vices a person faces like betrayal, injustice, murder(for wealth), etc.

It is a fact that the world as a whole is definitely going downhill. He feels there is no place where peace exists ("nowhere peaceful to go"). All the person can do is helplessly watch the world in despair.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not One More Tear

Not One More Tear Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Not one more tear,
From you, can i bear,

You dont share the pain, why?,
It breaks me, to see you cry,

Alone, why must you walk this dark road?,
Let me be your light, and share the load,

Tell me, what is making your heart bleed?,
I desire to be the pillar you need,

To lift you up away from this darkness,
To a place of bliss and happiness,

Do not feel so distressed and broken,
Felicity's door for you I shall open,

So please!, take my hand,
Alone, you need not stand,

Because, I shall always be here for thee,
Fight for you I shall, even the "Shinigami!",

P.S Shinigami means "The Grim Reaper ...aka God of Death"

Small Explanation -  "Not One More Tear" describes a scenario where a person feels bad because his friend/lover(whichever you may like to comprehend) is not open to him/her. He/she want him/her to be more open to him....

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Not One More Tear Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog