Friday, October 29, 2010

Foreign Student (Arslan Poetry Blog)

Foreign Student Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

By myself I stand, in a distant place,
People pass me by,
Apathetic, no hello or hi,
I gaze all around, no familiar face,

This is not, the land, created by my forefathers,
Different, it is in every view,
Not similar, even the scent of dew,
My loneliness fueled by the absence of my brothers,

Yet i stay, for academic enlightenment,
I channel my loneliness,
To fuel my academic prowess,
Patiently awaiting academic judgement,

Foreign Student Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rain's Message

Rain's Message Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Oh!, beautiful rain,
Here you are again,

Using clouds to sing your sermon,
I wonder, whether a good or bad omen,

You make sounds, with clouds, big and small,
Incomprehensible sound, but heard by all,

Your wind sweeps through every through every window and corner,
You are forever boundless, from race, culture, and border, 

With cold water, you catch our attention, and bring us out,
Trying to convey your message, you shout and shout,

But, all you get are amazed faces,
Faces oblivious to your messages,

With wind in my face, drops in my hair, and your sound in my ears,
I wonder, how and why?, your message has been unheard of for many years,

Regardless, what we all wish for,
is that you will visit us once more,

Rain's Message Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Boring Classes

Boring Classes Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

My head hurts, what is this feeling?,
Oh yeah, thats the teacher, teaching,

Giving his boring lecture, without break,
I struggle hard to stay awake,

"Study hard, each night and day,
Stay alert, don't cheat," they say,

Stay alert!, is it possible,
No, definitely impossible,

Because, they induce in us, sleep,
A hypnotic sleep, very deep,

They call us early and leave late,
Something which we all deeply hate,

I try to comprehend their sayings,
They seem to be mindless ramblings,

I wait for the bell, to energize me, and end this dilemma,
To get me out of this world of rate, Shockley, and sigma,

God bless the technology of the bell,
Made to get us out of this educational Hell,

The bell cures my head ache,
All my ailments with it, I shake,

Finally, to freedom I make my way,
And then go about the rest of the day,

Boring Classes Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nearing Death

Nearing Death Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Is this The Feeling,
The feeling of dying,

Breathing heavily with my chest out,
My eyes losing light, nearing a blackout,

Not Feeling any pat, slap, or punch,
As I slowly lose my sense of touch,

My ears rejecting every air wave,
As, for air, I vehemently crave,                                                            

The feeling of life, slipping away, into an abyss,
Then Suddenly, bursts light, bringing bliss,

Coming slowly to senses, I hear and see,
My friends striving to revive me,

Saved by friends, and The Higher Power,
I feel the luckiest man of the hour,

Now I carry with me, forever, The Feeling,
The feeling of almost Dying,

(based on actual experience)

Nearing Death Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog