Saturday, November 19, 2011

awaited prize

Once again a poem from my collection of 6 months ago, I hope you enjoy the read :)

The yellow Star
as its spotlight
water dances
a fervent tango,

he battles
piercing through its pace
he waits, and waits more

at a corner by the current
like a tiger for his prey
ever ready,

drumming of the waves
penetrate his eardrums,
music at a distance
people dance to it
a celebration
he is not bothered,

sun-rays reflect
a magma ball
he doesn't flinch,

at the slightest nibble
he pulls with might
and sees the salsa
of the fish.


  1. you are too immature to write poems ,least to say. No connection among words.

  2. I didnot got the theme of this poem . Would you like to explain it ?

  3. (for anonymous 1) Well the poem is free verse so rhymes are not needed

    (for anonymous 2) The poem is about how a fisherman waits for the fish. The fish being the awaited prize :)


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