Monday, January 10, 2011

Troubled Mind

My First Try at Free Verse...

The scent of dirt emanating
from the moistened land.
I stand in wait 
under drops of sorrow
hoping for an epiphany
to settle my doubts 
and clear my mind. 
Calm like the moistened land
on which I stand,
drenched in despair.


  1. Very nice, Arslan!

    You got the knack to display the flowing of sadness from your inner self, to words, to reader in a simple and continuous stream of ideas!

    I felt the need for the stanza to go on! It shows you are transferring successfully your feelings!

  2. Thank You untony! this poem came to me in the form of a whim created and fueled by the moment(at that time)

  3. Sounds more like a prayer than anything else but great none the less.
    Keep up the good work man and hope you get what you are seeking!

  4. Excellent one! "Calm like the moistened land" love it! ;)


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