Sunday, November 28, 2010

Between You and Me (Arslan Poetry Blog)

Between You and Me Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

If beauty is a shining star,
Then you are its light,
Which shines bright,
In my dark night,

You make my day,
You brighten my night,
You are the sunshine,
Making my world bright,

You make my world green,
When you are close to me,
The most elegant being,
Was our meeting meant to be?,

I think yes, because time froze,
When I set my eyes upon thee,
That meeting, God surely chose,
Between you and me...,

Small Explanation-   In this poem "Between You and Me" I try to enumerate the feelings of a person towards his/her most beloved person. He/She state all the positive things which have been brought to his/her life by their meeting. 

The first two lines were picked from the poem My Shining Star written by yours truly(Arslan).
P.S - I could not find a suitable picture so I went with a animated photo.

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Between You and Me Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog


  1. I am absolutely blown away.... YOU ROCK


  2. Arsalan..Good going once again dude!!

  3. u ve just beaten JULIA.A.CARNEY......


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