Monday, November 1, 2010

My Shining Star

My Shining Star Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

Relentlessly, my heart beats fast,
Is it a phobia?,
This feeling, I get gazing upon you,
No, its euphoria,

Forever, I want it to last,
This experience, so bright,
If beauty is a shining star,
Then, you are its light,

My life's darkness, you illuminate,
With just a smile,
Gazing, how long has it been?,
I believe, quite a while,

No longer can I wait,
for you, to be mine,
No one comes close,
To your unrivaled shine,

From you, all that I covet,
One, single, look,
To read my emotions,
I am an open book,

Keep you happy, I shall, everlastingly, you bet,
Forever and ever,
Please be my shining star, in this dark sky,
Forever and ever,

My Shining Star Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

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  1. Very nice work ,you are really a shining star.

  2. very nice work ,you are really a shining star

  3. how beautiful your poetry is...
    who is the lucky one that you want to be ur star?
    she must be very happy that you adore her that much..
    i like it very much

  4. its really good, keep it up your good work

  5. I just copied these verses and sent them to my girlfriend. She was thrilled. great job, keep it up!

  6. I like this, I am very pleased with this poem is so touching the heart.
    Very nice work ,you are really a shining star.

  7. Wow! i like how you wrote your verse there. nice shining poem! thanks very much :D

  8. Wow! i like the way you wrote your lines and verse.. very nice shining poem! thanks :)

  9. thanks for sharing and I'll keep following your stuff

  10. Nice poen man! Kepp up the good work.
    Bilal from ABHC's page.

  11. very nyc work frnd ...keep it up ....

  12. Wow! this song is written by you? I like it. Good job !

  13. By urban and robust, I mean wonderful.

  14. Thank You everyone for your kind response


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