Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Paper

Final Paper Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.

It has come, Judgement Day,
I, like all, get up, and prepare,
There is no running away,

Pen and Pencil in hand,
I go to my exam class,
To make my final stand,

I see faces happy and sad,
Final paper, in my hand,
I think, an omen good or bad,

Like gas, tension in the air,
It all could violently blow,
With just a flare,

Sweat trickling down my face,
I think, "Will I get It!?",
The grade that I chase,

I shall do my best,
Because, I'm a fighter,
I leave on God the rest,

That in mind, the test, I take,
I promise myself that my,
Determination shall not shake,

Small Explanation- This Poem "Final Paper" describes the emotion a student goes through, on the day of his Final Exam(He/She considers the day's severity with Judgement Day). The state of turmoil his mind is in is described in this poem, along with some other elements, I Hope you enjoyed this poem,

Thank You.

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Final Paper Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.


  1. whaoo Nyc DUDe Keep it Upz!

  2. i like the new webpage background

  3. I totally get this. I find myself having to ad explanations on my poetry also as some people take what's written literally. Very clever.

  4. You have outdone yourself :) Amazing rhyming .... Saad Sarwar


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