Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Little Box (Arslan Poetry Blog)

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A small box of secrets,
You are future's light,
Dim right now,
But tomorrow bright,

I gaze at you and ponder,
Untold many things you hold,
What will you become,
Smart, coward, or bold,

How fascinating you are,
Brought by my lady,
Beautiful like her,
You are my baby,

Small Explanation- In this poem, I try to describe the emotion, feelings, and thoughts a father goes through holding his new born for the first time in his arms. The Father wishes for his new born to grow and become a bright light(tomorrow bright).

P.S by "I" I do not mean me(ARSLAN)....

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Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog


  1. "I" I do not mean me(ARSLAN)....

    But one day you will be a father friend.
    nice one,all the best

  2. That is adorable. Man and how they grow up:) Nice to see the emotion captured here.


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