Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smokers Nostalgia

Smoker's Nostalgia Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog

Picked up this little thing
At youth's time of spring

Unaware of a consequential life
Like a heart at the tip of a knife

With each pack it went deeper
Bringing The Bridge ever so closer

To take me from life to death
Invited it with every breath

At its center, I now stand
In front lies a dark land

Perplexed I see a flash back
Picture film white and black

A picture film full of smoke
Clouded more with every stroke

Smoke not of tragedy or distress
But, from a pack of cigarettes

With every inhale and each light
Chest struggled a losing fight

Earned wealth turned to ash
To update the cigarette stash

It was a secret a clandestine hobby
No longer Parents in the hospital lobby

Saddening, this picture film of smoke
Reform myself, I shall, if only I woke.

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Smoker's Nostalgia Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog


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  2. awsum................ U really put the word very right ....Now do something on your last lines :D

  3. well done ......Again the words written were perfect

  4. This one is so damn goooooD

    By Fahad khalid

  5. Impressive!!! Great Theme:)

  6. superb man!!! it actually made me think of quiting smoking...

  7. Very thoughtful piece almost like a poetic commentary.

  8. Thank You everyone i really appreciate you guys taking the time to read my poem....


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