Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Alone...

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Shadows in the dark,
Presence just as stark,

Like Needle in a hay stack,
Stormy night, Broken Shack,

A lavish bar,of a hotel,
Sits a drink-less bottle,

Sits a lonely black jack,
In a faceless card stack,

Friendship is a lone ship to me,
A drowning ship in the open sea,

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Copyright of Arslan Poetry Blog.


  1. Really like the way u express ur feelings!!! :) Keep it Goin>>>

  2. Nice poem. amazing word using...... Excellent

  3. Great job of explaining being alone. If felt alone right along side you.

  4. Thank You every one for your kind words....I really appreciate it...

  5. Wow. I felt that emotion before. Sometimes I feel alone. Nicely done!


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